Google Pixel 3 Smartphone Deal

Posted: Jan 8, 2020 3:51pm | ACTIVE | TAGS: google - unlocked cell phone - ALL TAGS


Google Pixel 3 Smartphone
Great deals on the whole Pixel 3 lineup including the Pixel 3XL. The Pixel 3 offers up wireless charging for those that are sick of plugging in your phone everyday. Simply get a wireless charger and the Pixel 3 will charge itself wirelessly. You can always use a USB-C cord to charge it faster if you needed, as well. It does not come with a headphone jack but it does some with earbuds that plug into the USB-C port with an adapter so you can still have wired headphones if desired. Obviously Bluetooth is available for cordless headphones and earbuds, as well as input devices and other external speakers, among other things. Chromecast is built-in to the phone so you can wirelessly display your screen on Chromecast enabled devices like TVs or monitors.
The display is great and this phone is packed with features that would take me all day to talk about. But, the biggest and best feature is probably the camera. It features fantastic picture taking abilities, better than almost all other phones on the market. It also has a cool feature called Night Sight which takes awesome pictures in the dark! The pictures are so good it appears as if it's daytime! All of the high quality high-definition pictures are uploaded to your Google account for safe keeping, and for printing possibilities. I can't really say enough about the camera as it truly is the best I have ever used. It will make you look like as professional photographer with the great focus and perfect colors it captures.
Since Google owns the Android operating system, it is considered a pure Android on the Pixel phones. No extra apps from the cell phone companies or advertisements from some of their so-called partners. It is just pure Android with no extra bloatware slowing down the phone. The Pixel phones are also the first to get any updates and security enhancements for the Android system, which is great for security and ease of operation. These phones are a great deal at any price, especially now!